The Leadership

Mr. Gautam Adhikari, Chairman and Creative Head, SAB Group

Mr. Gautam Adhikari is the creative backbone of Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network. He completed his education from J.J. School of Arts and began his career as a visualizer in an advertising agency, gradually moving to the Art Director role. Jointly with his brother, Mr. Markand Adhikari, he set up a small advertising agency. With the expansion in the television and entertainment industry, he pioneered the production of regional software for the National Network, which became the most successful fare shown on the box those days. As the government liberalized its policy for the foreign investments, the entertainment industry saw the dawn of a new era. Zee Television was launched and Mr. Gautam Adhikari directed some very successful shows for them. There was no looking back as he was offered to produce and direct a programme for the NRIs in the U.K. on the channel, TV Asia in London in the year 1994. Thereon, he focused on directing software for Doordarshan, creating his own media assets by retaining the IPR. He also has his name listed in the Limca Books of Records as the only Director in the world for having directed more than 1500 episodes.

Mr. Markand Adhikari, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, SAB Group

Mr. Markand Adhikari began his career with an advertising firm in the 80s. He began this venture in association with his brother, Mr. Gautam Adhikari. With television industry's commercialization, he set his eyes on broader horizons. He pioneered the trend of offering sponsorship-based programmes on Doordarshan. This was a new concept and had high stakes involved. He succeeded with the marketing of the Adhikari Brothers’ productions in regional as well as national languages on the National Network.

He then shouldered the strategic responsibility for Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network, a production house, which was growing at a galloping rate. SABTNL was the first production house to be on the stock exchange in the year 1995. With the advent of satellite television and the liberalization policy, the entertainment industry went through a whirlwind change, thus opening great opportunities for production houses. Zee, the first Hindi Satellite Channel invited Adhikari Brothers to produce their serial for the network. 'Commander' was produced by the Adhikari’s for Zee, which was an instant success, followed by 'Silsila' and 'Teri Bhi Chup, Meri Bhi Chup'. While Adhikari Brothers were writing their success story, on the Satellite Channels, Mr. Markand Adhikari monitored strategic marketing of their productions through programmes which were leaders on the National Network.